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Packaging Support
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Supporting and Converting Line

We provide a dedicated production line supervised by the experts. Surya Multi Indopack has all the necessary factors to produce the finest quality packaging for you. Every production process is manufactured under one roof, giving you more control towards timeline for occassional speedy orders and quality standard.

Blown Film

At SMI, We manufacture printed-grade films, color pigmented films, collation shrink films, barrier sealant, excellent bonding performance sealant and many more applications to cater the ever-changing needs.


Lamination is an additional converting process aimed to add a new layer of barrier and/or sealant to the end-product. In some cases laminating process also aimed to fuse two different materials into one compact material.


Extrusion line adds coating of adhesion and/or sealant on the end-product. Our extrusion facility is equipped with automatic thickness control to maintain the lamination/coating density and consistency.


Our metalizing facility produces a barrier layer by generating the evaporated aluminium coating on the inner side of sealing layer in order to add protection factor to the end-product packed.


Slitting process convert jumbo reel into requested width configuration and sizes, and also length per reel at variation of handy single length up to multi-length at industrial scale.


Bag Making

Bag making is a supporting production line responsible for modifying basic packaging into ready to use bag-forms varied in many suitable sizes depending on clients’ requirements, such as :

  • Center Seal
  • 3 Side Seal
  • Stabilo Bag (4 side seal)
  • Gusset
  • Sachet
  • Wicketed Bag

This facility has been adding SMI an array of wicketed bag. Side welded bag with narrow lip and punch holes to make easier and faster dispensing of stack bags during packing process for either food or non-food product.

Seaming + Cutting

This facilities is capable of producing seamed labels supplied in real form or pieces for various sizes and additional features: perforation, pull tab, and hot glue stick.